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Rita Garner
Tom Cummins
James Barron
Emeline Perronno
Jack Man
Sue Braat
Phillip Schoeman
David Hoare
Liz Manning
Rita Garner
Tom Cummins
Phillip Schoeman
Liz Manning
Sue Bratt
Emeline Perronno
James Barron
Jack Man
David Hoare
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Student photographs

Photo: Liz Manning


Cost £180

Classes are restricted to 4 students
Proof of double-vaccination required

The course lasts 6 weeks and consists of 9 x 2-hour lessons.
6 of these are class based lessons at my home (on a Tuesday).
3 are outside ‘in the field’ (on a Sunday).

The course is designed specifically for people taking their first steps in photography. Whether you want to take photos of people, landscapes or architecture, this course will explain the fundamentals of photography to you.

By the end of the course you will:
⋅ understand your camera’s settings and how to use them;
⋅ have learnt creative techniques to improve your photographs and find your own style;
⋅ understand and be able to operate your camera in full manual mode;

Technical terms will be explained without jargon and de-mystified.
You will leave the course with a new set of technical and creative skills.

All this is practised under supervision in the classroom and out in the field, where you actually take photos.
You will need a digital SLR camera or compact digital camera with full SLR functions. You will also need basic knowledge of how to use a computer.

Course Dates:

Tuesday classes are 7.00-9-00pm
Sunday classes are 11.00am-1.00pm

Tues 17th May
Tues 24th May
Sun 29th May
Tues 31st May

Tues 7th June
Sun 12th June
Tues 14th June
Tues 21st June
Sun 26th June

Matt Smith
"A must for any aspiring photographer"
Matt Smith

Bill will take you through the fundamental elements of composition, camera control, and even some handy hints on photoshop and raw editing.
A word of caution though, if Bill can't improve your picture taking then no one can!

"Bill is a great teacher..."
Phillip Schoeman

.... and I would thoroughly recommend his courses.
I have a much better understanding of how my DSLR works now and learnt a great deal on the beginners course, in all aspects.

" I really enjoyed it"
Sue Braat

Calm surroundings, small group, lots of visual displays and online weekly course notes. Bill was very open to questions and helped us with setting up our own cameras.
Bill explained some of the mystery of photography.

"Thanks Bill!"
Ann Needle

I finally understand and appreciate what impact the depth of field and focus point have on my landscape images. I already knew a lot of the theory but can now relate this to which of my images I prefer, and why - so thank you for that!

"A very informative, enjoyable course"
Liz manning

The sessions outside helped to consolidate things learnt in the classroom.

Bill was also most helpful when I emailed with queries.

"More please!"
emeline perronno

Bill’s classes are clear and all questions are answered allowing students to make quick progress, creating a nice step-by-step understanding of the camera and how to compose great photography.
The lessons were clearly presented with all questions answered.

"I cannot recommend Bill’s courses enough!"
james barron

Bill's lessons and well-structured at a pace for all ages and abilities with the invaluable field days to practice what you learn in the classroom.

Bill is a great, patient teacher with a wealth of photography knowledge.

"I was quickly reassured"
David Hoare

I enjoyed the way in which we were taught, making the technical aspects of photography accessible (and not being bogged down by too many superfluous technical terms), while also not giving any impression of being looked down upon, like the atmosphere in some photography clubs I've been to.

"No hesitation in recommending Bill"
Kevin Beattie

Bill’s overall knowledge, experience and training skills in all aspects of photography are second to none.
He has an unrivalled passion for photography with this enthusiasm conveyed and embodied into all his training sessions.

"Highly recommended!"
Aaron Smith

Bill Black is a confident, talented and accomplished photography master.
His facilitation style will compliment any learner from complete beginner to professional photographer.
Being able to adapt his laid back style and blend his extensive knowledge into a well rounded enjoyable session is what I most admire about Bill.


7.00pm-9.00pm,  commencing Tuesday 17th May 2022.
At my home for class sessions and at various sites in Brighton for Sunday outside lessons.
Please pay for the course using the link below. You can pay with paypal or any credit/debit card.

Please read the cancellation and refund policy below

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