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Cost £65

Classes restricted to 6 students (minimum of 4 required)
Proof of double-vaccination required

Course Date:

Sunday 24th April 2022 10.30am - 5.00pm. Lunch is not included

One of the greatest skills that professional location photographers develop is the ability to assess a scene when they arrive at it.

They are practiced at including a scene’s key elements in a tiny 3x2 rectangle that expresses the beauty a much wider scene conveys.

Greater still, they can take a somewhat plain-looking scene and by understanding how their camera works, knowing what certain lenses will do and how to control lighting, they can ‘shape’ an extraordinary image from the ordinary.

It is ‘composing’ an image as opposed to recording it.

Like any skill, it is developed. Which means it is not innate, or the preserve of the gifted. It can be taught.

This 1-day course has been specifically designed to help you begin to develop those skills.

We will visit Rottingdean, a picturesque town on the South Coast. It has many small, pretty but not overly striking areas.

These are just the type of locations that are difficult to represent without developing the skills mentioned above. It is also home to dramatic coastal scenes that many people find difficult to convey in their photos.

I’ll show you how to get the best from these locations, teaching you what to do when first arriving at a location you wish to photograph then ‘building’ the key elements of the photograph in your mind.

I will show you the advantages of using different types of lenses and the benefits of using a tripod, something which is an absolute must for landscape photographers.

You will learn how to work out which equipment is best suited to help you express what you see with both your actual eyes and in your mind’s eye in that tiny 3x2 frame.

You can see some shots of the areas we will be photographing below along with the route and details of our stops on a Google map.

Here are some of the locations we will visit. Photos taken on a camera phone.

The Green 1
The Green 2
St Margaret's Church 1
St Margaret's Church 2
Kipling Gardens 1
Kipling Gardens 2
Rottingdean Beach 1
Rottingdean Beach 2
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Key places we will visit are marked by the red camera icon


    • Your camera and lenses between 16-200/300mm focal length (if you have them)
    • A tripod is not essential but you may find it useful
    • I would recommend at least 2 fully-charged batteries for your camera
    • Two memory cards for your camera
    • Wear comfortable, robust clothing and footwear


10.30am-5.00pm Sunday 24th April 2022.
We will meet at 10.30 am outside the White Horse Hotel (see photo)
Please pay for the course using the link below. You can pay with paypal or any credit/debit card.

Please read the cancellation and refund policy below