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unique and beautiful fine art photos for your home or office

Don't buy a mass-produced image for your home or office, buy something unique instead.
I’ve been a professional photographer for over 35 years and have photographed cities, landscapes, textures, portraits and live events from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, Brighton to Beijing. This year I have collated a selection of my favourite images from my travels and put them together in various collections for you to purchase directly from my website.
The first 50 prints of each size are numbered and signed by me, making them a limited edition.
All photos are printed on Baryta Fine Art 325gm paper and come in four default sizes ready to drop into IKEA standard-sized frames.
New photographs will be added each month but if you want a photo that isn't in the store drop me a line and let me know which one.


Here in the UK we’re lucky to have so much history on our doorstep and just a short hop over the water. It’s quicker to get to Berlin than Bristol!


I visited California and Nevada for the first time in my fifties. What stunned me the most were the breath-taking and beautiful landscapes of Yosemite and Death Valley.


I visited Hong Kong and Beijing a few years ago, two cities that feel markedly different, exhibiting the qualities of their split history since 1841. Taking photographs in Hong Kong as mainland China increasingly exerts its dominance made me feel that I was recording scenes that might soon be lost forever.


From long-exposure photos of Brighton’s West Pier at low tide to the magnificent, timeless vistas of California’s deserts I love trying to capture the emotion a beautiful landscape conveys to share with everyone.


The first photos I exhibited and sold were 12 textural pieces. I remember wondering if anyone would like close-ups of rock and tiles as much as I did. I sold 30!


I love street photography that captures a moment without feeling intrusive. I want the viewer to think: ‘If I’d have looked up at the same moment I’d have seen it like that, too’.


21cm x 30cm paper with 12cm x 17cm photo
30cm x 40cm paper with 20cm x 29cm photo
40cm x 50cm paper with 29cm x 39cm photo
60cm x 90cm paper with 50cm x 70cm photo
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